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FOR RENT : Push n Ride Alphabet

kode : BB 6008

Vtech Push n Ride Alphabetical Walker

Let the Push and Ride Alphabet Train drive you to learning fun. With 3 grow-with-baby features for sit-down, walker and ride-on play, it’s a perfect place for your baby to develop. Put the 26 chunky letter blocks into the hotspots to hear the driver introduce letters, objects and animals.

The driver will encouragingly ask your baby to find objects, animals and letters in relationship to the 14-page non-rip alphabet learning book. Follow-me-lights and motion sensor activate the 10 melodies promoting independent play.

Key Features :
Grow-with-me toy for sit-down play, walker and ride on.
Sensor recognises letter and object blocks.
Follow-me-lights game helps introduce the alphabet.
14-page alphabet book with non-rip and water resistant pages.
26 letter blocks.
Motion sensor activates songs and phrases.


Cause and Effect
Rewards baby as they learn that their actions have reactions.

Imaginative Play
Imagination and exploration through interaction with characters.

Independent Play
Games and voice prompts allow children to control the pace.

Motor Skills
Encourages fine motor skill development.

Musical Creativity
Enhances musical skills with music and sound activities.

Visualisation and Memory
Engaging graphics & visualisation activities develop memory.

Discovery and Exploration
Heightens curiosity and encourages exploration.

Word Building
Expands Vocabulary through age appropriate words.

Language Development
Introduces the alphabet, letter sounds and vocabulary.

untuk 12- b36 bulan



4 responses

  1. susy

    I want to rent

    kode : BB 6008

    Vtech Push n Ride Alphabetical Walker

    Please inform me

    June 30, 2011 at 5:28 pm

  2. fanny

    ini perbulannya brp sist?

    February 13, 2014 at 7:35 am

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